How to buy EOS cryptocurrency

EOS is software that aims to reduce transaction fees. The platform can process more than 1,000,000 operations per second, but to translate the idea into reality, the developers had to release their own crypto.

More recently, Bitfinex and EOS announced to users about the creation of a decentralized crypto exchange EOSfinex. This type of partnership is a recognition of EOS as a full-fledged platform, not inferior to NEO, Ethereum and Lisk. Despite the high competitiveness, EOS cryptocurrency wins due to its features:

  1. The EOS crypto platform is based on the sale of tokens, the purchase of which can last a couple of minutes or months. For example, Bancor (a large project), which concluded an agreement on cooperation with EOS in July 2018, was able to raise $ 153,000,000 in a couple of minutes. A long period of release of crypto to the market helps prevent hype among participants, which guarantees a stable exchange rate.
  2. EOS crypto tokens are sold every 23 hours, statistics are updated on the EOSfinex website daily, for example, “To date, 778000000 are sold out of one billion tokens. The cost of 1 token determines the cryptocurrency market, and large incorrect transactions allow you to avoid a high-quality mining model. At the end of each sale, all tokens are distributed among buyers based on the volume of ETH.

The EOS platform works like a blockchain and allows you to create decentralized applications. The founder of EOS is Larimer Dan, who launched the project in 2017. Immediately after the release, cryptocurrency could be bought for 0.92 US dollars, but since the summer of 2018 its rate began to skyrocket, reaching 8.28 US dollars per coin. On some days, the crypto rose to $ 18 per coin, which allowed investors to receive an income of 800%.

It is worth noting that 700 million out of 1 billion issued tokens are in circulation. At the beginning of 2019, the market capitalization of the currency reached 2.46 billion US dollars, and EOS took an honorable fourth place after Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple.

How to purchase EOS crypto

You can buy EOS currency on the exchanges: Bitflip, EXMO, Bitmex, Livecoin and Binance. Before starting a transaction, the user needs to go through registration and authorization, as well as open a trading account and replenish it in any way possible. On the exchange you can see the dynamics of growth and fall of the currency and choose for yourself a more favorable rate. After placing an order, you should wait a while until you find a counter offer. After that, the transaction will be completed. After the crypto arrives at the trading account, it can be withdrawn to your wallet.

The disadvantage of this method is the inexperience of most users. Trading on the exchange and making transactions require experience and skill, so it is better for beginners to start with minimal amounts. This will avoid unnecessary expenses.

The most popular way to acquire EOS is through exchangers. The user does not have to register, and in order to complete the transaction, it is enough to indicate the wallets from which the crypto will be debited and which one, as well as the amount that he is willing to spend on buying currency. The indisputable advantage of crypto exchangers is speed, reliability and anonymity. The disadvantages include not quite a favorable rate and an overpriced commission. Before choosing an exchanger, it is recommended to carefully examine its reserve of funds, if it is not large, then it is better not to have business with such a service. Large exchangers usually work with almost all types of currencies and support different payment systems. Note that when registering a user, many services provide discounts on commissions, as well as offer bonuses, allowing their customers to save on costs. You can also purchase crypto through announcements on the forums, after transferring funds to the seller. This method is less popular, as it is associated with high risks of fraud.

WELLCOINEX – the best service to buy EOS

The best service for buying any type of cryptocurrency is the WELLCOINEX platform, which provides not only the speed and reliability of transactions, but also the complete anonymity of the parties. Using the service, the user significantly saves on commissions, and can also choose any payment method convenient for him.

Is it worth investing in EOS in 2020?

EOS is a young and promising cryptocurrency, so many users are wondering whether it is worth investing in it in 2020. Crypto developers promise that they will soon eliminate all the problem areas of the platform, bringing it to the ideal. When this happens, EOS can push Ethereum out of the cryptocurrency market. Today, the currency is in fifth place among the leading currencies, for 1 coin, crypts give 5.5 US dollars, and its capitalization is 5.646 billion.

All indicators of the crypto predict her a great future, but its value will not rise to 500 US dollars. It is also worth considering that crypto inflation is about 5% annually. In fact, this commission includes commissions that the user does not pay when making transactions.

According to Business Insider, at the end of 2020, the EOS rate could reach $ 100, while Coinoracle could reach $ 19.35. One way or another, the value of the crypto will grow, so it is definitely profitable for investments, in order to get good profit in the future.

Most Tradingview traders are convinced that the cost of EOS will increase, only negative reliable information about this project can prevent this. It is worth noting that upon entering the market, the price of the spruce currency reached one dollar, but then rapidly increased to 14.59 US dollars. The volume of capitalization also increased, which allowed EOS to take a place in the top ten. The coin rate itself does not depend on the country’s economy, but on the project, the faster it develops and improves, the more rapidly the EOS rate starts to grow, which is beneficial and interesting for large players.

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