Merchant account

In the modern world, a one global economic system is gaining popularity, allowing entrepreneurs from different countries to do business not only in their own, but also in foreign markets, expanding their capabilities and attracting more and more customers.

Merchant account is a rational and convenient option for making payments using Internet channels. Basically, bank details are attached to the site, which allows buyers to pay for their goods quickly, and the merchant to receive income. Practice shows that using blockchain allows you to provide quick transfers with low commissions. This innovation was immediately appreciated not only by buyers, but also by partners of WELLCOINEX.

Internet acquiring

Internet acquiring technology allows you to pay for goods and services via the Internet network using cards of any banks. Unlike acquiring (mobile, shopping), when paying via the Internet, the terminal is not used, which allows you to make payments not only with a bank card, but also with an electronic wallet. Here we will look at the essence of acquiring and the possibilities of doing it at WELLCOINEX.


Recently, cryptocurrency and blockchain have become the part of human life. Today it is difficult to find someone who does not know about crypto technology, tokens and financial exchanges. The development of modern technology allows you to change the ordinary course of things, applying them in areas where it wasn’t considered possible before.

Cryptocurrency exchange

Cryptocurrency exchange allows users to quickly get the wanted type of currency. The principle of operation of a crypto-exchange is the same as in exchange offices, only the exchange takes place much faster and online. With the accelerated development of modern technology and Internet business, the number of exchangers in the network is rapidly increasing, which sometimes confuses the user. After all, each of them offers its own course, sometimes even hidden fees, for some it is overvalued, in others it is specially understated, sometimes it is very difficult to choose the most suitable service for you. That is why you should pay attention to the company “WELLCOINEX”, which offers service that allows you not only to make payments in cryptocurrency, but also to exchange it.