Recently, cryptocurrency and blockchain have become the part of human life. Today it is difficult to find someone who does not know about crypto technology, tokens and financial exchanges. The development of modern technology allows you to change the ordinary course of things, applying them in areas where it wasn’t considered possible before.

The government agencies and conservative business owners’ mistrust to the blockchain and cryptocurrency has recently changed to the interest and the opportunity to earn a good income, developing new areas of activity for themselves. Mutual settlements are the basis of commercial activity, and with the advent of cryptocurrency it is time to make a fast and secure process of transferring money to any place in the world with the Internet connection possible.

Today, exchange services are mostly used to receive cryptocurrency payments and some of them are using a processing banking gateway. Therefore, if the online store wants to accept payments in a cryptocurrency, it should integrate special software that will ensure safe and instant deposit and withdrawal of funds on the crypto wallet.

Company WELLCOINEX, unlike other providers, went further, ensuring uninterrupted transfer of funds in any currency, providing data conversion and storage using crypto-processing.

What you need to pay attention to before connecting cryptocurrency payments

Before he or she starts accepting a cryptocurrency, an entrepreneur needs to learn a lot of information:

Research the market for affordable offers, as well as payment systems.

Check the capabilities of each provider.

Analyze how many companies use a cryptocurrency gateway.

Read the reviews about the system.

Learn the terms of cooperation.

And only after receiving all the information, it is possible to choose a provider.

All this takes a huge amount of time, which the entrepreneur actually does not have. After all, having entered the market, he or she needs to immediately start working to get the first profit, which can be used to expand its business.

The WELLCOINEX company offers advantageous cooperation, and, most importantly, provides an opportunity to save your time and start accepting cryptocurrency within a day, after sighing of the Saas contract.

How cryptoprocessing works

Before understanding the work of the crypto-service, it is necessary to understand what it is:

Blockchain is basically a chain of blocks, which is built according to the rules and keys. Each block has its own key, encrypted from another block.

Decapitalization is the complete absence of a server for storing personal data, since the database is stored on all computer devices included in the blockchain.

Cryptocurrency is a digital currency, which is the controlled with a cryptographic method.

Merchant account is a software technology that allows you to accept any type of currency from different banks and payment systems as a payment and provide their conversion.

Cryptoprocessing is a cloud-based software that stores all the information about customers, transactions and merchant accounts, ensuring data integrity and preventing blockchain fraud.

WELLCOINEX provides a wide range of processing services, not only for online banks, but also for Internet projects. This allows the complete processing and control of the payments, providing a stable platform for receiving electronic payments using modern technologies.

For its customers, WELLCOINEX offers its own cryptoprocessing platform, which supports basic cryptocurrencies. Details on the services provided and their cost can be obtained from our specialists using the contacts listed on the site.