WELLCOINEX is an innovative payment system that allows you to create merchant accounts in cryptocurrency for commercial users on its base. It is known that over the past 100 years, the financial sector has remained almost unchanged. Banks continue to work on the old system, using only a digital wrapper.

But with the development of Blockchain technology and the advent of cryptocurrency, new opportunities have arisen in the processing of customers’ payments. However, we all know the complexity of working with cryptocurrency in business. First, the existing exchanges are not able to provide 100% security guarantees. Risks of hacker attacks increase, verification becomes more and more difficult to pass. Secondly, stock exchanges and third-party wallets are usually aimed at working with individuals and their needs. Therefore, the functionality they offer is really suitable for entrepreneurs.

What new technologies does WELLCOINEX offer?

Leading experts in Blockchain and cryptocurrencies have developed a single platform WELLCOINEX, which provides acquiring for online stores, financial companies, brokers and start-ups. The single web platform allows online business owners to create a merchant account to accept payments in cryptocurrency. The functionality is not limited to this! In addition to receiving digital money for a personal wallet, funds are easy to convert, exchange with each other and withdraw.

At this stage, work with 12 cryptocurrencies are supported: BITCOIN, ETHEREUM, IOTA, DASH, BITCOIN CASH, LITECOIN, RIPPLE, EOC, WAVES, ZCASH, NEO.

What are the features of WELLCOINEX:

No need to create accounts and wallets on various unsafe exchanges anymore;

All operations are available on a single platform;

No commission and hidden fees for using the service;

Permanent consulting support;

Maximum level of system security;

It’s easy to do business in any country of the world thanks to WELLCOINEX.

Unique opportunities for using merchant accounts in business

Using the services of cryptocurrency acquiring, entrepreneurs can forget about many problems of traditional banking. For example, all transactions on the Blockchain Network remain anonymous. This means that no one can challenge a financial transaction or see its details. The WELLCOINEX system is very convenient to use the because to gain access to the platform’s functionality you need to spend only a few minutes on the registration procedure.  So, the user can forget about bureaucratic problems, difficulties and delays.

To open a merchant account with the ability to accept cryptocurrency, you need to register, create a password and then verify your account. Connect a single account and your customers from anywhere in the world will be able to pay for services in digital currency without any restrictions. And you will be able to immediately convert the received profit into currency you need, withdraw or transfer to another account.

Anyone can have a merchant account, regardless of the company’s type of business (even if it is a difficult oneб e.g. Forex trading, gambling, sport betting, investment, etc.). It is important that the activity is legal and does not violate the laws of the country where the service is provided.

Not long time ago there were almost no single platforms that would provide functionality similar to the WELLCOINEX service. A high level of security, constant copying of data to remote and secure servers, anonymity – all of them are advantages of working with our platform. Use high-grade acquiring, exchange cryptocurrency, transfer it to fiat currency. And all this on one site through your merchant account!