Storage of cryptocurrency in the cloud purse of the service, integration of your business by accepting payment of cryptocurrency on your website for goods / services.

We suggest that you accept payment for your product / service cryptocurrency by creating a payment button on your website, thereby automating the payment process.

Bitcoin, Litecoin, Etherium. The list of available currencies will be expanded as the service develops.

The WELLCOINEX service integrates the business into a new digital economy, contributes to its scale and makes it more profitable. To do this, you need to connect the payment button to your website and start accepting cryptocurrency funds for your products / services right now!

Cash is stored on the WELLCOINEX service.

The commission for the transaction is included in the payment of the order, it is paid by the client. Payment you receive at the current rate at the time of payment.

1. In order to withdraw funds from your WELLCOINEX account, you will need to select the type of account from where you are going to withdraw your funds.
2. For example, this is Bitcoin cryptocurrency. Find this account and its corresponding BitCoin (BTC) designation and click Withdraw
3. After that, in the To field, enter the address of the bitcoin wallet. In the Amount field, enter the amount to be displayed in the number of coins and click the Send button.
4. Further, after creating the withdrawal application, your funds will be sent to the address you specified for withdrawal within a few minutes.
5. There are many convenient ways to withdraw funds and e-wallets and transfers to cards, as well as cryptocurrency and WIRE transfers.

See the list of countries that allow / prohibit the use of cryptocurrencies on this page If your country is not in the list where any actions with cryptocurrency are prohibited, then you can absolutely legally use it for the realization of your goals. Also, check the current legal status of cryptocurrency in the regulatory documents of your state.

Cryptocurrency at the current time is not taxed. Also, check the current tax status for cryptocurrency in the regulatory documents of your state.

Our service earns a percentage for executed transactions.

In order to track down who paid you with a cryptocurrency for your product / service, go to the section Transactions in your personal account.

As soon as your client presses the button to pay for a cryptocurrency, a form of payment appears in front of him, where he can choose a cryptocurrency in which he will pay.

At the same time, an entry with this transaction appears in the Transactions section of your personal account, it is assigned the status of Verifying. The line indicates the transaction data – date, price, cost in fiat currency, exchange rate at the time of the transaction.

Your client selects the payment currency and goes to the next window, where they offer him to copy the wallet code or scan the QR-code for payment.

For a transaction, the client is given 30 minutes, if he did not have time to pay during this period, then the transaction will have the status Expired and for payment it will be necessary to repeat the whole process again. In your account, this transaction will be displayed as Expired.

After the client pays the bill – in your personal account this transaction is displayed as Paid.

After 4 confirmations from the blockchain, the transaction status changes to Paid and the money goes into your wallet.