Internet acquiring

Internet acquiring technology allows you to pay for goods and services via the Internet network using cards of any banks. Unlike acquiring (mobile, shopping), when paying via the Internet, the terminal is not used, which allows you to make payments not only with a bank card, but also with an electronic wallet. Here we will look at the essence of acquiring and the possibilities of doing it at WELLCOINEX.

Internet acquiring: how does it work

When acquiring payment is done according to the algorithm:

  1. As soon as the customer places an order in the online store, he is directed onto the payment page, where he enters his payment details.
  2. After that, the store transfers the amount of money and a card number to the payment system.
  3. After verification of the entered data, the system requests authorization at the acquirer’s bank. Usually, payment systems enter into agreements simultaneously with several banking institutions, which gives them the opportunity to lower the commission and increase reliability.
  4. The acquirer’s bank sends a request to the international payment system that issued the card.
  5. The system requests payment authorization at the issuing bank, which checks card activity and conducts fraud monitoring.
  6. After successful verification of data, the issuer bank sends the SMS to the payer with a confirmation code.
  7. The payment system confirms the transaction to the issuer bank and does the fund monitoring
  8. The acquirer’s bank responds to the system.
  9. It sends a request to the acquirer bank for permission to debit the price of the order from the customer’s card.
  10. The acquiring bank sends a request to the international payment system for permission to withdraw money.
  11. An issuing bank receives a request from the IPS to make a payment.
  12. The bank checks the residual amount on the client’s card, and if there are enough money, it allows the transfer by sending a confirmation to the system.
  13. The international payment system sends a confirmation to the acquirer bank.
  14. The acquirer bank confirms the request.
  15. The system notifies the recipient.
  16. The recipient notifies the payer of the successful payment of the order.

Most often, the system and the acquirer’s bank are basically the same organization. If the provider works separately and can simultaneously accept payments in different ways, then it has the status of a payment system. It is important to know that the provider cannot directly accept cards, so it needs to make an agreement with a banking institution to ensure an uninterrupted transfer of funds.

Fees and additional features

For a transaction, the System takes a fee, which is usually charged from the recipient, but in some cases the provider allows you to change the conditions and set the fee to be charged from the sender. In order to minimize the fee, it is recommended for companies with large turnover of funds to connect several banking institutions and process transfers at the expense of the issuing bank. For stores with small turnovers, it is better to connect only the payment system, since it works simultaneously with several banking institutions, so it gets a good discount on commissions.

Additional features of Internet acquiring include:

Quick payment for goods.

Moto transactions.

Recurrent payments.

Transfer of entered data with payment information.


Thanks to our company “WELLCOINEX”, you will be able to fully satisfy all your needs in payment acceptance, whether your company is offshore or not. After signing a SaaS agreement with us for the rental of software, the client gets a payment button on the website. After that, he or she will be able to accept cryptocurrency using a WELLCOINEX license. Note that our service acts as a secure coinbase infrastructure, where all information about clients and customers is stored together in a cryptocurrency. The service allows you to receive cryptocurrency, as well as send it to other users.

If the buyer pays for a product or service using cryptocurrency, which is not supported it will be immediately exchanged. The whole payment processing system is automated, so chance of delays is minimized.

Using our crypto exchanger, you can always exchange Fiat for cryptocurrency and vice versa, without losing on the courses. At the same time, performing transactions through the accounts of banking institutions will be absolutely legal.

WELLCOINEX specialists believe that each of our clients will appreciate the profits of working with us. The goal of the company is to become a reliable long-term partner, providing the client with high quality service and uninterrupted flow of funds, due to the possibility of expanding their business and competitiveness. We guarantee a complete security of transactions and ensure the confidentiality of data by opening a simplified way to access funds.