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Dash is a digital decentralized currency that appeared on the cryptocurrency market in 2014. During its existence, it managed to change several names of Xcoin, Darkcoin and Dash. Dash was created based on Bitcoin technology, but with its own chips. By capitalization, it refers to large cryptocurrencies. The goal of the developers is to make Dash a competitor to Bitcoin. Back in January 2017, 1 Dash could be bought for 11.39 US dollars. But to date, the exchange rate has grown over 10 times and today for 1 Dash they give more than 190.50 dollars.

Bitcoin Dash Difference

Despite the fact that the developers took the Bitcoin code as the basis for Dash, its system has its own differences:

  • Dash has a two-tier architecture system that allows you to implement unique improvements and updates into it.
  • All transactions with Dash are anonymous. It is impossible to calculate the sender and recipient for transactions, for example, Bitcoin users must put up with the publication of their payments on the blockchain, this makes them public and attractive to scammers. Dash uses anonymity technology, as a result, the user receives privacy regardless of the type of payment.
  • Dash is considered the most convenient and secure cryptocurrency. The system uses a Masternode, which is a decentralized network that cannot be cracked. For example, it takes about 10 minutes to complete a bitcoin transaction, Dash’s time is reduced several times.
  • When buying Dash, a minimum commission is set, and in some cases there is a complete absence of it.

How to get Dash

You can sell and buy Dash on the cryptocurrency exchange. In order to profitably purchase currency, you must carefully review all the offers of brokers. After placing the order, the money goes to the broker, and the purchased currency is transferred to the exchange account. After the crypt has arrived, it can be withdrawn to your wallet. This method of purchase requires skill and experience, so beginners are advised to make transactions with a small amount of currency. Most often, crypto is bought on exchanges: Libertex and Metatrader 4.

You can purchase cryptocurrency through exchangers. To do this, in one column you need to specify the account from which the money will be debited and the amount that you are willing to pay for the purchase of foreign currency. The crypto wallet on which it arrives is also indicated. In the last column, the amount that you can buy for the indicated funds will be displayed. After payment, crypto instantly enters the wallet. It should be remembered that when buying cryptocurrency in an exchanger, you will have to pay a commission, which is set by the system on its own. The most popular exchangers for buying Dash are: 60 cek, Xchange, Prostocash.

You can buy cryptocurrency on special platforms operating like OLX. The name of the currency is written in the search menu and the most suitable offer is selected. Then you need to contact the seller by writing him a message or by calling the telephone number indicated in the announcement and agree on the formalities of the transaction. After payment, the currency specified by your wallet will be received.

The best service for buying and exchanging cryptocurrency is WELLCOINEX, which provides security and speed of transactions.

Creating a Dash Wallet

Before you purchase Dash, you need to get a cryptocurrency wallet; for this, it is recommended to go to:, select the system that is installed on your computer and the type of cryptocurrency wallet in it. After installing the program on a computer device, the crypto wallet creates an icon on the desktop called Dash Core. An open type of code provides reliability, control over the storage of cryptocurrency.

Another program for installing a crypto wallet on a computer is Jaxx. It is a multi-currency type of wallet in which you can store not only Dash but also Bitcoin, Litecoin and other crypts. The wallet is equipped with a simple interface, it has open source code, and private keys are easily downloaded from the program.

For mobile devices, it is better to use the open-source Dash Wallet application posted on github. It guarantees complete security and currency control. The wallet connects to a centralized Dash system. Jaxx, Coinomi are also suitable for installation on a mobile device, providing high reliability. To store currency, you can use hardware wallets for a fee: Trezor, Keepkey and Ledger Nano S.

Cryptocurrency disadvantages

Among the disadvantages of cryptocurrency are:

  • Demand for Dash is lower than for bitcoins, therefore, when buying a product or service, the user will have to pay a commission.
  • There is currently no official only way to purchase cryptocurrency. There are only a few individual exchanges and exchangers working with Dash cryptocurrency.
  • In Russia, all methods of buying crypto do not work, so users will have to make several transactions at the same time or use an anonymizer.

Despite the shortcomings of cryptocurrency, its popularity among users is growing every year. Developers are constantly improving Dash, releasing new updates and extensions that improve its security and privacy.

Is it worth buying a crypt in 2020

Dash’s prospects for 2020 depend directly on bitcoin, since it is he who creates the weather on the market. Due to changes in market conditions, investors revised their views on the acquisition of cryptocurrencies. Therefore, Dash has every chance to succeed. Monero and Bitcoin are competitors of the currency, but this does not prevent it from increasing its popularity among users.

According to experts, if there is a noticeable influx of investors in the cryptocurrency market, then Dash can reach a value of 500 to 600 US dollars in 2020. In the ranking of cryptocurrencies, Dash takes 16th place, and its figure is 549 million dollars. In general, the fate of the currency depends on the market, if it crashes, then the Dash rate will decline.

In conclusion, we can say that Dash is a young and promising currency that quickly won the trust of users, so it has every chance to take a leading position, depending on demand, the higher it is, the crypt is more expensive.

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