Bitcoin merchant account for business

Technological innovations involve the continuous improvement of business practices. In order for your business to flourish in an ultra-competitive market, it is important to keep up with constantly changing trends.

Nowadays, the preferences and needs of consumers are the No. 1 priority for any business. Given the competition of the modern market, providing a client with a wide variety of products and services no longer distinguishes your company from the general mass, does not make you special. Therefore, modern developing companies strive to modernize their trading platforms, offering customers a variety of payment methods for purchased goods and services. Gone are the days when cash was the predominant method of payment, gradually plastic cards replaced other types of payments. In addition, the payment industry is now witnessing a new trend – the use of cryptocurrencies as a legal means of payment. There are many cryptocurrencies that can be accepted to pay for goods and services, one of the most popular is Bitcoin.

What is bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a type of virtual currency created in 2009. and based on Blockchain technology. From English, bitcoin stands for, bit – bit, particle and coin – coin, money.

Blockchain is understood as a continuous chain of data that is stored on different computers and cannot be changed without observing certain conditions. The cost of bitcoins depends on market conditions. With the rapid development of blockchain technology, the number of users wishing to use bitcoins for payment is growing. When you use your card to pay for services, buy goods on the Internet, or pay a credit card bill using digital currency, the payment transaction system works behind the scenes in order to provide authentication and card processing to complete the statement. A similar process occurs when paying bitcoin. In this case, cryptocurrency payment services act as an intermediary between the payer and the recipient to process the payment, they record the transaction in the public blockchain book. If you would like to integrate a payment system into your company that can accept bitcoins for payment, then a Bitcoin merchant account is exactly what you need.

How to choose a company to connect bitcoin merchant account?

Bitcoin belongs to the High Risk industry, therefore, finding a quality provider for working with Bitcoin is not an easy task. The high risk is due to the fact that bitcoins in most countries today are unregulated currencies, in addition, difficulties arise in processing payments in real time due to price volatility. However, entrepreneurs do not need to worry, because there are many high-risk trading account providers offering Bitcoin processing.

Why choose Wellcoinnex to open a Bitcoin merchant account?

We work with all types of businesses, including: gambling, cryptocurrencies, etc. By opening a merchant account with us you can accept payment in bitcoins and get several advantages over your competitors at once:

  • high transaction processing speed and low fees, contribute to attracting new customers;
  • the implementation of all operations through a single platform eliminates the need to create wallets on different exchanges;
  • multifunctional acquiring, allows you to exchange cryptocurrency and convert it into fiat money (euros, rubles);
  • high security of the system, all data is stored on cloud servers, and funds on cold wallets;
  • 24-hour customer support service, quickly resolves any issues;
  • the absence of chargeback will allow you to forget about contesting operations;
  • independence from banks and payment structures, allows you to transfer payments around the clock around the clock;
  • the distribution of data between blockchain participants and the confidentiality of personal information (names, billing addresses, etc.) can minimize the likelihood of fraud;
  • quick connection and integration to your website, eliminates bureaucratic red tape.

In addition to Bitcoin, we work with other cryptocurrencies, including: NEO, LITECOIN, ETHEREUM, IOTA, DASH, BITCOIN CASH, RIPPLE, EOC, WAVES, ZCASH.

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