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How to buy and sell cryptocurrency outside your country

Cryptocurrency has long moved from the category of new and unfamiliar to the category of fairly commonplace and familiar things.

Every year there are more and more people who want to become a part of the cryptocurrency world, so the question of how to buy, sell, or exchange cryptocurrency will not lose its relevance in the near future.

We have already written earlier about accepting cryptocurrency payments through specialized payment gateways.

Today, we will tell you how to buy/sell cryptocurrency.

Where you can buy cryptocurrency

One of the easiest and most accessible ways is to use a regular bank card.

They are accepted for payment at cryptocurrency exchanges, exchanges, payment systems, and P2P platforms.

The alternative option of buying – selling involves the use of traditional cash.

It can be paid by courier or in the office, through terminals, or using a money transfer system.

However, both options have nuances, about which it is better to know, so as not to provoke blocking of your account in the bank for operations with cryptocurrency.

How to buy/sell cryptocurrency using a bank card

Using a bank card is one of the most convenient ways to conduct cryptocurrency transactions.

However, the complicated political situation in the world leads to difficulties for users all over the world.

For example, users from Russia:

  • Cannot use Visa, MasterCard, or JCB cards outside the country;
  • American Express cards of sanctioned banks are not serviced;
  • No more than 10,000 USD in foreign currency can be taken out of the country;
  • Amounts of transfers are also limited (up to 5 000 USD per month if the transfer is made from a Russian resident to a non-resident)

Therefore, when it comes to crypto transactions, country-specific regulations are crucial.

What are online exchangers

The online exchange is currently one of the safest and easiest methods of working with crypto. However, this method is not as profitable as others.

There are a lot of exchanges, but it is easy to get into a fraudulent site. There is a protection option – it is the use of trusted monitors (BestChange as an option).

To make an exchange at such a site is simple enough: you only need to specify the details and then transfer the desired amount to your card or purse.

The procedure takes place in 2 stages: first, the funds are transferred from the card to the card, and then the cryptocurrency is transferred from one cryptocurrency wallet to another.

Formally, there is no violation of bans on capital withdrawal.

Exchange through a cryptocurrency exchange

This option is characterized by the simplicity and convenience of conducting transactions with electronic money.

However, even here there are difficulties for Russians because it is no longer possible to make a deposit to an account on the exchange or to make a withdrawal using a Russian bank card. 

But there is always a way out. And in the case of cryptocurrency exchanges, P2P and exchangers became this way out.

Of course, it is much easier to get a foreign bank card because transactions for such users are available in full.

Whether electronic payment systems work

By no means, all EPSs allow users to make transactions with cryptocurrency.

Among the platforms that can be used:

  • PayPal;
  • WebMoney;
  • Payeer;
  • and others

This option is suitable for Russia with one clarification: there are only 2 platforms – WebMoney and Advanced Cash.

Taking risks with peer-to-peer sites

The method is profitable, but it also has higher risks.

When selling cryptocurrency, you risk getting stolen money, “triangles”, “gray” or “filthy” currency.

The choice is always up to the user. You can choose a reliable online exchanger or take a risk on a P2P platform in search of a ghostly profit.

Buying and selling crypto for cash

Cash is used much less often than cards because this method is profitable only if we are talking about sums over 5,000 USD.

Exchange via courier

The option is suitable for those who are not looking for easy ways. In order to buy or sell cryptocurrency, you need to find an exchange office and select the desired city.

Then it is necessary to choose a suitable option out of the offered ones.

You should not be guided by the exchange rate, because the value of crypto can change dramatically by the time the courier arrives.

After creating the application, you need to wait for the arrival of the courier and make a payment of the commission – the cost of travel of the courier in both directions.

As you can see, the option involves a lot of additional costs. For this reason, this method is used only when large amounts of money are involved.

Exchange in the office

This method is suitable for residents of large cities, where it is quite easy to find physical cash offices offering to exchange cash for crypto.


Cryptocurrency-enabled ATMs are common in large cities. It is impossible to get confused with this device, they are arranged almost the same way as the ATMs familiar to users.

For residents of small towns, where the installation of cryptomats is the distant future, there is an alternative option: points-exchangers that perform the functions of cash-in.

Money transfer systems 

This option is not so widespread only because users are not aware of the possibility of acquiring cryptocurrency this way. It is possible to address such a question to:

  • Western Union;
  • Zolotaya Korona;
  • Unistream;
  • Contact.

Choosing a service for cryptocurrency exchange

The choice of cryptocurrency exchange varies from person to person: someone prefers simplicity and speed, for someone security and protection are more important, someone is chasing the profit.

In any case, in order not to regret your choice, pay attention to the following characteristics of the exchanger:

How long has the service been running

A newly opened site is not the best option. Give preference to a service that has been on the market for at least a year because it is much easier to find reviews about the work of such a site.

The more information there is about the cryptocurrency exchanger – the better. Look for reviews and ratings on independent sites.


The lack of evaluations of the exchanger should alert you. However, as well as solidly positive ratings and praiseful reviews.

It is not bad if the chosen site is mentioned by traders or often discussed by experts. The higher the status of the site, the higher the level of trust.

Is it possible to find reviews

Reviews on independent cryptocurrency exchange portals are one of the most important points in assessing the reliability of a site.

Are there any reserves

Cryptocurrency exchanges have significant reserves of currencies, which allows them to conduct transactions with large amounts of money. 

Exchangers have more modest opportunities, but that does not mean that you cannot discuss the issue with the technical support of the site.

How much will you have to pay

Commissions and fees are inevitable. It is impossible to avoid it, but small sites often try to disguise fees, wanting to entice inexperienced users.

But it should be understood that there is always a fee for the payment system. The amount of fees all sites set their own.

This also applies to the conditions of their charges. In most cases, the commission is already included in the exchange rate.

If the payment system fee is a stable indicator, the amount of commission may vary depending on the type of cryptocurrency, the transaction, and even the time of day.

If you make a choice in favor of this or that service without asking these questions, focusing only on the benefit of the offer, the chance of losing savings is much higher.

Why Binance is so popular

The platform is familiar even to those people who are far from the world of cryptocurrency. This popularity is due to:

  • Low transaction fees (less than 0.1%)
  • High trading volumes (76 billion USD)
  • A huge number of transactions per second (over 1.4 mln).
  • Attraction of quite a large number of users (90 mln)

What Binance has to offer to its customers

  1. Registered users have access to the SAFU secure asset pool. Thanks to the Secure Asset Vault, some of the users’ funds are securely protected.
  2. You, as a client of the platform, get advanced access control. Among the available features is the limitation of the list of addresses and devices with access to the account.
  3. Personal protection thanks to advanced data encryption. The only client can get access to his personal information.
  4. Round-the-clock help and support.

Rating of global cryptoservices

Cryptocurrency exchanges are not just Binance. You can buy, sell and exchange cryptocurrencies on smaller exchanges as well.

Among those who can be trusted are:

  1. Binance
  2. FTX
  3. Coinbase Exchange
  4. Kraken
  5. KuCoin
  7. Huobi Global
  8. Bitfinex
  9. Binance.US

This is the rating of global cryptocurrency exchanges according to the monitoring service CoinMarketCap.

The sites were evaluated not only by liquidity, traffic, and trading volumes but also by the trust indicator of the reported trading volume.

In addition, markets, weekly visits, what types of cryptocurrency are represented, as well as the availability of fiat currency were evaluated.

The best cryptocurrency services according to traders


Wellcoinex is a modern high-tech innovative service of accepting cryptocurrency payments.

It will be the optimal solution for any business, from any industry and field of activity.

The main advantages of the service are

  • Easy withdrawal of funds from the merchant account;
  • Absence of failures at the reception of payments;
  • No additional conditions and commissions of issuing banks and acquiring banks;
  • No blocking of the account for an arbitrary period;
  • Low risk of chargebacks and chargebacks;
  • Prompt feedback.

The main advantage of Wellcoinex is the ability to accept cryptocurrency payments at the customer’s site without intermediaries and third-party partners.

Any information leakage is excluded, and full confidentiality of all transactions is preserved.

Quickly and easily connect a payment system for cryptocurrencies on your website, get a secure multi-currency crypto-wallet and perform the full range of transactions.

Users have access to: invoicing for payments, making mass payments to partner organizations, fast exchange of top cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Iota) for euro, and building agent networks with the connection of merchant accounts.


The project was created in Estonia in 2015. Among the advantages of the site can be called not only a large choice of fiat currencies, including not only the world’s popular dollar and euro, but also national currencies such as the Belarusian ruble, Ukrainian hryvnias, etc.

Why do they like the site:

  • High speed (exchange takes 5-10 minutes);
  • Friendliness of the interface (mobile and desktop versions of the site are easy to use);
  • Availability of our own Telegram bot for the exchange;
  • Partnership with major banks.

Users have the opportunity to earn a passive income within the system of accumulating discounts (from 0.05%) and a two-level affiliate program (0.2 – 0.6% of the turnover of the attracted user).


Ukrainian project also works and develops since 2015. The exchanger is semi-automatic and supports popular payment systems.

Among the advantages of the service users name:

  • No mandatory registration;
  • High exchange rate (up to 9 minutes);
  • Possibility to increase the reserve for the selected cryptocurrency.

As part of an affiliate program, the site gives you the opportunity to receive 25% of the profits generated by the exchange service. Regular customers can join the loyalty program and receive a discount on financial transactions (up to 0.2%)


Certified partner of ADV Cash, Perfect Money, Capitalist, Payeer from Estonia has been operating since 2016.

Users of the site can count on:

  • A variety of options for exchanging cryptocurrency;
  • The ability to exchange through a telegram bot;
  • The most favorable quotes;
  • Relatively good exchange speed (up to 15 minutes);
  • Large size of the reserve.

If we talk about other benefits, there is only one option – a cumulative system of discounts (from 0.05 to 2%).


One of the advantages of this exchanger is its availability in a large number of countries (about 150). The project was created in 2012 in Germany. In addition to its vast geography, the site’s advantages include:

  • Variety of available cryptocurrencies (24 types);
  • Some of the most favorable rates;
  • Transparency of payment and guarantee of no hidden fees;
  • Possibility to make an exchange with zero commission (1 direction is chosen daily);
  • API support;
  • High level of security;
  • Support of templates for auto exchange.

There are also other bonuses on the site: an affiliate program that allows you to receive up to 20% of the amount of exchange, and a discount program giving a 10% discount on the commission of exchange transactions.


A young, but dynamically developing project will please the user with an elaborate interface, which is adapted for different types of devices.

The project of Russian developers has been working since 2019:

  1. No obligatory registration
  2. Wide range of currencies, which can be exchanged
  3. High speed of transactions
  4. Support of the majority of payment systems.

Users can get back a portion of the funds thanks to a cashback.

You can get back from 0.1 to 0.5% of the amount of performed operations. As part of the affiliate program, you can earn up to 1% of your exchanges.


The ambitious Russian project has been in operation since 2016. Now the site declares a daily turnover of 690,000 USD.

The advantages of working with the site include:

  • No mandatory registration;
  • Impressive reserves (1.3 million USD);
  • High speed of application processing (up to 30 minutes maximum);
  • Possibility of transfer to the bank cards of some banks and MPS accounts;
  • Availability of own bot in Telegram.

Participation in an affiliate program brings users up to 25% of the profits of the platform, and the referral program can receive up to 30% of the amount of the exchanges referrals.


Another Russian project has become widespread among traders thanks to its favorable rates.

The site has been in operation since 2018. In addition to the profitable rates, it attracts users:

  • Availability of the most popular cryptocurrencies;
  • Excellent technical support service;
  • No mandatory registration requirements;
  • Emphasis on the use of bank cards for transactions.

Passive income in the affiliate program can reach up to 50% of the profits of the site. Special conditions apply to business projects.


The project was created in Estonia in 2015. Advantageous is the possibility to exchange popular cryptocurrencies around the clock.

Other advantages of the site include:

  1. The ability to make an exchange in automatic mode. However, the option of exchange in manual mode is also available.
  2. High speed of work: processing of the application takes no more than 30 minutes.
  3. Large variety of cryptocurrencies to choose from.

The possibility of passive income is implemented through an affiliate program (up to 0.5% of the volume of referral exchange). The cumulative system of discounts allows you to receive from 0.05 to 0.12%.


Under the loud slogan “e-money exchanger of the future” hides an Estonian project operating since 2012.

The main advantages of the site:

  • High speed of work (it takes up to 15 minutes to complete an application);
  • The trustworthy size of the reserves;
  • The availability of the site version in Russian;
  • The ability to quickly exchange through the bot in Telegram
  • Purse replenishment and withdrawal to cashes and IPS accounts.

Users get access to a bonus program and can participate in a two-tier affiliate program.


It is possible to exchange not only cryptocurrency but also internet banking bonuses on this site. The Italian project has existed since 2015. The developers can please users with:

  1. The possibility of exchange in automatic mode
  2. Large size of cryptocurrency reserves
  3. Support of all popular payment systems.

New users get a bonus from the site at the start: 0.2% discount on the first operation. 

Then you can join the cumulative system of discounts and get up to 0.2%.

As part of the affiliate program, you can earn up to 0.7% of the amount of exchange.

Buying and exchanging cryptocurrencies without commissions

The commission paid by users for their transactions is the main source of income for any marketplace, regardless of its size.

This is the reason why cryptoexchange without commission is a myth, such platforms do not exist.

It is quite logical that intermediary services must be paid for, as direct seller-buyer interaction is impossible.

Options may vary: some exchangers offer a fixed fee, but in most cases, a percentage of the transaction amount is charged.

There is another possible option of cooperation: a low fixed fee + % of the transaction amount.

You should be careful, because even the fixed fee may not be constant, the exchanger may change its size depending on the market situation.

The exchangers with the lowest fees

The option of finding a service that works without commissions is a waste of time.

But in any case, it is always possible to save money by looking for a site that charges minimal fees.

They include Wellcoinex, 365Cash, 24PayBank, XChange, WW-Pay, and 60cek. The amount of commission at the sites varies, from 0.1 to 2, 5%.

The second parameter, which should be used when choosing an exchanger – the possibility of exchanging small amounts of cryptocurrency.

The platforms 60cek, Xchange, and Transfer 24 offer their users the output from 8-10 USD.

Monitoring cryptocurrency exchangers through services

It is impossible to cover all existing exchangers in one review.

If you have found a site with suitable for you terms of cooperation, but it is not in the rating, you can always check on special sites that specialize in the monitoring of cryptocurrency exchanges.

Most of such sites are monitored around the clock, taking into account all key aspects of the activity.

Moreover, on such sites sometimes you can find reviews of the service’s work.

The best online trader’s helpers:


The service allows you to get the most up-to-date information about the exchange rates. Data on the site is updated with a frequency of 5-8 seconds. The reliability of the service is confirmed by the leading experts in the field.


This service can be used to find the most profitable cryptocurrency exchange rate. There is a convenient function to sort exchangers by working mode, response, as well as reserves and rates.

At this site, the user can get all the necessary information on the selected exchanger and exchange rates.

Important sections of each site – monitoring, a must-see:

  • Stop list
  • Blacklist
  • Recommendations

In these sections, you can find lists of sites with which you should not cooperate.

Here you can find not only information about scammers but also find out which sites treat their clients neglectfully, ignore the terms of affiliate programs, etc.

What to remember when buying cryptocurrency

Transactions with cryptocurrency are now under the control of state financial monitoring.

This means that some restrictions and subtleties should not be forgotten:

  1. The system will definitely pay attention to large transactions when it comes to sums over 7500 USD (for transfers), 3 million rubles (with real estate), and even large sums refunded from the balance of a cell phone.
  2. Most of the checks are performed by robots, not people, which means that your use of online exchanges or peer-to-peer sites will be considered as transfers between individuals.
  3. Atypical behavior can raise questions from the bank. If you haven’t used your account for a while and then you start receiving regular payments, this will definitely draw the bank’s attention. But if you are very active, there will be fewer questions.
  4. Checks are not made for each specific transaction, more often the data is evaluated for 24 hours, 7 days, and a month. At the same time, there are no clear figures for cryptocurrency owners to make transactions without raising suspicions.

The conclusion is simple: before you start working with cryptocurrency, you should improve your financial literacy, so that you do not end up with blocked accounts.


Cryptocurrency buying and exchanging operations are a bit more complicated than similar operations with fiat currency.

However, after spending a little time studying the available data, the user can always find a reliable service that allows buying/selling/exchanging cryptocurrency with a low fee and at the best exchange rate.

At the same time, it is possible to make the required transaction both offline and online.

The most important thing to do is to choose a really reliable platform. So, you can make the exchange not only profitable but also safe.

Before you make a transaction, be sure to double-check the service on a special website-monitoring, study the reviews of users and look for expert opinions.

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