Cryptocurrency Gala: features and scope of use

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The world of cryptocurrency is constantly expanding, with more and more new products entering the market, gaining recognition from users.

One of the rather popular blockchain projects is Gala, whose main mission is called having fun and creating games that you want to play.

Many users dream of making money from games, but if before it was just a fantasy, today this possibility is quite real.

With the emergence of the GameFi industry, earning money from games has become real for most users, and even without the need for investment.

One of the well-known platforms is Gala Games, which is engaged in the independent development of blockchain games using NFT tokens.

Despite the fact that the Gala project was created relatively recently, many users have appreciated the mission and idea of blockchain. In our article, we will tell you what Gala is and what advantages this blockchain project has.

What is Gala

Gala is an Ethereum-based cryptocurrency, which is the main support for Gala Games.

This platform strives to constantly modernize and improve the gaming industry, giving players full control over their game products.

The product was created in 2020. Among its founders are three famous men:

  • Eric Schirmeyer is the co-founder of Zynga and a celebrity in the world of gaming;
  • Wright Thurston is one of the first major miners in the cryptocurrency industry, a successful specialist in the industry;
  • Michael McCarthy is the creative director of viral game hits (such as the world-famous game Farmville 2).

During the launch of the project in 2020, the main idea was expressed as a desire to redefine the gaming and blockchain space.

Gala Games is not just one game, but a huge variety of different blockchain games that put the fun in the first place and shift blockchain to second place.

Gala Games creates many different genres of games, such as Last Expedition, Fortified, The Walking Dead, Spider Tanks, Mirandus, Legacy, Town Star, and others.

Where is Gala used

Gala is a Gala Games platform service token that is a key asset of its ecosystem and is used to purchase in-game items and a collection of VOX NFT avatars, as well as P2P payments, node rewards, and more.

Gala Games has made sure that the procedure for acquiring NFT on the market is comfortable and secure. This is the key goal of the introduction of the gala token (GALA): to guarantee that the transfer of digital assets or in-game products is subject to easy payment and regulation.

Features of the ecosystem

Gala Games is somewhat similar to the Steam or GOG store, in that it offers a large variety of games for users with the possibility of earning.

However, unlike these stores, all games are absolutely free and available through a decentralized blockchain application (DApp). The gala includes 3 nodes in its system:

  • Proof-of-Work guarantees power to the PC on which the system is running.
  • Proof-of-Stake is used for pay-per-play nodes that manage specific games by leasing smart contracts.
  • Proof-of-Storage is needed for free nodes and the ability to store them. This eliminates the dependence on centralized storage and hosting solutions.

Node owners will get a chance to vote on which games should be added to the site.

How does Gala work

Users can run Gala nodes that support this network. In return, they receive rewards that include:

  • available for exchange on exchanges;
  • NFT Limited Edition;
  • other possibilities.

The company’s official website allows users to mine Gala cryptocurrencies, and there is also a section with games. Users can participate in games, get rewards, and exchange them for real money or purchase unique in-game items.

Advantages of Gala

Currently, more and more users have been able to appreciate the product Gala. This is justified by its multiple advantages:

  1. Play-to-Earn leader. Playgrounds like Gala Games are constantly improving the gaming sector. These protocols allow customers to earn an income while pursuing their favorite hobby.
  2. Governance. Gala is unique in that users receive partial ownership of the platform. The community management system gives regular users a voice in market development.
  3. Usefulness. NFT can be used in games for most items, and blockchain allows users to freely trade these items.

Today, more and more users are earning with Gala cryptocurrency, as well as the company’s blockchain games.

Buying, exchanging, and storing: main features

About 35 billion GALA tokens have been put into circulation so far. Currently, there are a huge number of exchanges, among which it should be noted such major leaders in the cryptocurrency market as:

  • Binance;
  • Coinbase;
  • Huobi and others.

At the moment, the value of the cryptocurrency Gala is $0.057, and the market capitalization has already exceeded $3 billion.

Where to buy the Gala

The question of where to buy Gala arises more and more often – in proportion to the growing popularity of cryptocurrency.

To become a Gala cryptocurrency owner, you can create an account on a cryptocurrency trading platform such as NDAX or Binance, and buy Gala directly for dollars, euros, and other currencies.

You can also buy Gala using peer-to-peer trading. Nevertheless, using proven crypto-platforms will allow for affordable, secure, and fast transactions. Also, use electronic wallets that support the purchase of this cryptocurrency.

Where to exchange

It is possible to exchange Gala cryptocurrency using special services that work with different types of cryptocurrency.

In particular, one of them is Wellcoinex – a company with a large number of available services and benefits.

Among the benefits of the organization are:

  • work with different types of cryptocurrency;
  • quick exchange, as well as the ability to buy cryptocurrency;
  • profitable and fair rate;
  • simple and straightforward interface.

Also, exchange transactions are available in some wallets and cryptocurrency exchanges, the list of which is provided above. It is also possible to buy and sell Gala in exchangers – both online and offline institutions.

Where and how to store

Gala cryptocurrency has been rapidly gaining popularity since 2020 until now. That is why many crypto wallets today provide users to store this cryptocurrency.

To place your tokens on cryptocurrency hardware wallets, all you have to do is follow a few steps:

  1. Complete a simple registration on the site. Usually, quick verification and personal information is required.
  2. Depositing money into an account. You can do this with the help of exchangers and cryptocurrency exchanges. To do this, it is enough to specify the details of the wallet.

Electronic wallets guarantee a high level of personal data protection, provide fast payments and comfortable conditions for all users.


We answered the question of where to buy and sell the Gala, but we can’t say for sure if it’s worth investing in the coin yet.

Despite the fact that the coin has shown good growth over the last year, and the field of making money from games is increasing in popularity, there are still risks in this area.

We recommend, as in the case of buying any cryptocurrency, to analyze the trend, conduct an analysis of risks and opportunities.

Only when you are fully confident should you invest in crypto-products.

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