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The cryptocurrency market has grown over the past 10 years with a huge number of new products.

And, if earlier in the market were popular only standard cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and others, today in this area there are a lot of unusual products.

One of the new, unusual products on the market is meme coins, which received special recognition from users in 2021.

In the beginning, crypto memes were created as a joke, but there was a significant boom that proved that these products have a right to exist on the market.

In 2021, the first meme coin, Dogecoin, achieved enormous success. As a result, the cryptocurrency token created for satire became a real coin with quite good prospects.

After the success of Dogecoin or “dog coin”, new peer products began to appear on the market. One of them was Tamadoge, a crypto product that quickly gained popularity and got a lot of prospects for 2022-2024.

In our article, we will talk about a new cryptocurrency on the market Tamadoge, as well as its features. If you want to know where to buy Tamadoge and whether it is worth it – read this material.

We will talk about the current state of the coin, as well as the prospects expected in the near future.

What is Tamadoge

Tamadoge (TAMA) is a coin from the Tamaverse that can be used to buy an NFT dog in the Tamaverse. You can then breed dogs, play games with them, and receive prizes for your winnings.

Tamadoge is a deflationary cryptocurrency that will be introduced as a native token of Tamaverse.

In the Tamadoge ecosystem, users will be able to mint pets that have an NFT structure. These pets can be fed and cared for until they grow up.

Adult pets are able to fight other gamers’ pets and, if victorious, players receive various rewards.

Pre-sales of the Tamadoge token managed to attract about $20 million, after which it was registered on OKX – one of the largest crypto-exchanges in this space.

If you do not know where to sell Tamadoge – it is on this service it is possible to carry out any transactions as quickly, safely, and profitably as possible.

The system is a combination of NFT trading products with virtual pets. Tamadoge also has numerous in-game products (food, accessories, etc.) structured as NFT.

Many users draw parallels between the name token and the popular Tamagotchi, a game with a virtual pet that had enormous popularity in the late 20th century.

In the game, each pet is minted at an early age and has personal characteristics, weaknesses, and strengths. The user can watch their pet grow and take care of them.

In addition, Tamadoge provides an opportunity to earn money from the game, which attracts many users.

The basic principles of Tamadoge

The system functions on the platform’s personal cryptocurrency token, TAMA, which is created on the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain.

Tamadoge will be used to purchase items online. Users are able to profit from the token by playing and interacting with their Tamadoge NFT.

If we consider the features of the token itself, the maximum supply is two billion, half of which is in pre-sale.

The remaining one billion is distributed by Tamadoge as follows:

  • 400 million cleared and transferred to the reserve for listing on the stock exchanges;
  • 600 million available for coinage in the following decade.

The main idea of token owners is that value should be generated directly from the project, not just from the people who trade the token.

Tamadoge has already generated tangible demand from the crypto community, establishing itself as one of the best cryptocurrencies on the market created recently.

Much of the reason for the token’s popularity is its “meme coin” status, which helped Dogecoin and Shiba Inu gain four-digit returns in 2021.

Tamadoge is among the best ERC20 tokens and applies a completely new concept, combining meme coins with play-to-earn (P2E) mechanisms.

Like the best money-making games, Tamadoge gives users the opportunity to earn recurring rewards through unique gameplay.

Tamadoge Prices

Tamadoge presales were a success, after which the coin began to be traded on the most famous exchanges:

  • OKX;
  • Uniswap;
  • BitMart.

The cryptocurrency was able to reach a record high of $0.15 – almost 1,400% higher than the pre-launch value of $0.01.

Tamadoge Price
Tamadoge Price – Source: coinmarketcap.com

At the moment, the coin can be purchased on exchanges at $0.13, which means that Tamadoge has received a threefold yield since the token listing at $0.03.

What are the prospects for cryptocurrency in the future

Tamadoge token is a relatively young product on the crypto market and, according to the owners, it is still at the stage of development and moderation.

That is why it is difficult to provide unambiguous prospects for further development. Nevertheless, experts believe that meme coins have a chance to come out on top.

Much will depend on how the token behaves once it appears on the open market, as well as the functioning of the market as a whole.

Is it worth buying a Tamadoge

More and more traders are giving preference to meme coins, which imply the possibility to generate good revenues. There are a large number of reasons to buy a Tamadoge. Here are the main ones:

  1. Unique rewards potential.
  2. DOGE Community Support.
  3. Integration with Metaworld.
  4. A worthy road map.

The good prospects of the coin and excellent success rates over time are attracting more and more users.

Meme coins have become a real breakthrough in the crypto-market, and it is likely that soon Tamadoge will become one of the leaders among all available cryptocurrencies.

Keep in mind that you must always do your own detailed research before investing in a project. Even crypto-coins with high market capitalization can be vulnerable to huge competition. Analyze the following data:

  • the latest market trends;
  • crypto-world news;
  • expert opinion.

Only after a detailed analysis can make a final investment decision.

How to Buy a Tamadoge: Basic Recommendations

More and more often users are interested in how to sell Tamadoge as profitably as possible.

Many cryptocurrency exchanges and exchangers accept this coin, so players can profitably exchange their winnings for the desired currency – dollars, euros, cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Ethereum), etc.

We recommend trusting only reliable companies because only in this case, the purchase/sale of coins will be profitable and safe.

If you are interested where to buy Tamadoge – choose a reliable and convenient platform Wellcoinex. Among the advantages of the service:

  • prompt execution of the necessary transactions;
  • protection of transactions and personal customer data;
  • a large number of supported currencies and cryptocurrencies;
  • the ability to make transactions online.

You can also use popular exchanges such as Binance and BitMex.

Buying a Tamadoge: the main steps

Not sure where to buy Tamadoge? You can do it in exchangers, crypto-exchanges, and the official website of the company.

You should not buy cryptocurrency directly from users, because in this case the safety and comfort of users is reduced.

To buy Tamadoge you need to perform the following actions:

  1. Register an electronic wallet. It is needed to be able to carry out transactions through the exchange and exchanger.
  2. Provide details. You will need to pay the amount for which you plan to buy the Tamadoge.
  3. Wait for the transactions to take place. Tamadoge will be sent to your wallet at the current rate.

The stages of purchase may vary depending on where you want to buy a Tamadoge.


Tamadoge coin appeared on the cryptocurrency market in 2022, but its uniqueness and brand-new approach attracts many users.

The token became another representative of the meme coin sphere and confirmed good prospects in this direction.

Even though the moment is new, there will be no problem with where to buy Tamadoge. But before you do it, carefully study the risks and prospects – only then the investment will be justified.

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